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Welcome to Term 4 all ARCOs completing training or returning to the course to access resources.

20th Nov 2019

The resources are there for you to use with colleagues and students to deepen undertsandings and help combat racism. If you have a good resource to share , let us know about it - or share through our Yammer.

I hope you enjoy the course and your ARCO role.

Old news

Welcome to all ARCOs completing this training for the first time.

01/05/2019 11:45:01

Take away learnings from each other's forum contributions as  you share experiences, ideas and reflections of practice. You can also share resources and continue converstaions on our Anti-Racism Education Yammer site . Consider your SMART Actions and the impact these will have on student learning outcomes and on the engagement of the school community. Enjoy the course and share the knowledge and understandings with your colleagues and students....


As you are completing your courses before the holidays, take time to reflect on the anti-racism work you have done this term.

10/04/2019 10:11:30

Share your successes with your colleagues and family and friends. Speak with your principal about strategies for next term and beyond so that the momentum for your ARCO work remains long after you have finished the course....


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