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Correction: Teachers are accredited for their learning by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), not the Institute of Teachers.

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The online learning courses support all department classroom teachers and other educational personnel in primary and secondary schools to respond to the diverse learning needs of students with disability. The courses are conducted in cohorts, both school-based and open, using a blended model of online learning combined with mandatory tutor led sessions. The sessions are facilitated by a department trained tutor.

The NSW Education Standards Authority has implemented new requirements for the accreditation of professional development (PD) courses. Eight of the nine courses have Accredited Professional Development status.

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NSW Department of Education - Participant feedback

Those who have completed the courses rate them very highly in terms of the impact of the courses on extending knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting students with special needs.

Dyslexia and Significant Difficulties in Reading

This course has opened up a wide variety of options for us to use at school. There are a wealth of resources and support materials we can access to help our students.

Primary school support teacher

As a beginning teacher who works as a casual I have not had a lot of experience with assessment of students. However this course has provided many different assessment tools and the videos in particular of these assessments being used with students have been valuable for me.

New scheme teacher

I have been exposed to a larger variety of each of the types of interventions. Again, having the relevance and reasons why we would choose certain interventions has been highlighted as being so important when supporting students with reading difficulties.

Support teacher

I am now mentoring my faculty's members in the understanding of the needs of students with dyslexia, what can they do about it. I offered to observe some of their lessons and help them to identify some students with similar needs.

High school teacher

Dyspraxia and Motor Coordination Difficulties

I feel that the knowledge gained on the subject of MCD has given me a level of confidence in meeting the needs of these students. Previously I sometimes assumed the student was lazy, distracted or not interested. I feel that my interventions would improve the performance and coordination of these students therefore preventing undesirable behaviours developing and increasing their self-esteem.

School executive

I have realised: 1. how systematic an intervention must be 2. the importance of ideation, motor learning, execution and feedback 3. the crucial use of prompting through questioning to shape and refine these MC skills.

Primary teacher

My knowledge has improved throughout the course, and I have gained lots of practical knowledge such as websites, resources such as assessment sheets and notes which have been helpful... We learnt how language develops and were introduced to new terminology and elements of the language system.

Primary teacher

Personalised Learning

This course has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of personalised learning and support and a more authentic ability to assess and plan for interventions.

School executive

The resources are brilliant and the teaching strategies are articulated so well!

Primary teacher

I'm going to take away from this course specific information and resources to target areas of need within our school. I will definitely feel more confident in my role to support students, staff and parents and I feel that I have a toolbox brimming with new ideas and refreshed knowledge.


I am more prepared to be able to work collaboratively. The course has given me both the information required and the confidence to do so.

Learning and support teacher

This course has put everything that’s needed in the one comprehensive package to support all staff in understanding personalised learning and support.

Secondary teacher

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

I now am able to make simple short term goals that are achievable in order to cater for the needs of students with speech, language and communication difficulties. I now know the different types of difficulties and strategies to use to help them.

High school teacher

The course highlighted for me that many of my current classroom procedures and supports will help any students with identified or unidentified speech and language problems. I have, through this course, developed my ideas and skills in supporting these students, by increasing my 'toolbox' of ideas.

Primary school teacher

Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

I am more knowledgeable know about mental health issues in schools. Since COVID and bushfires there has been an increased incidence of students with anxiety and other mental health concerns. I am able to interact with numerous teachers and students to improve the mental health outcomes for these students. Also, I am more confident liaising with psychologists and support staff for students with mental health concerns

Primary school teacher

I really enjoy the collaborative nature of the face-to-face learning with the tutor led sessions. Talking with staff from other schools always give great insight into how things are done at different schools. It also gives a chance to ask questions about the content and resources. Overall, I find this way of learning excellent

Learning and support teacher

Schools are operating at such a stretched capacity in terms of supporting wellbeing at this time. By targeting a teamwork approach and enlisting support from families and the community we may aim to change the culture of schools. This course has certainly empowered me to become more effective in implementing strategies for positive change

High school teacher

Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

I have always been a fairly confident teacher but this course has really made me re visit the things that I do as a teaching professional and how I view behaviour and consequences. This has given me a renewed confidence in dealing with behaviour challenged students.

High school teacher

I have a better understanding of the motivations of children's behaviour. And I am able to look at the situations now more clearly.

Primary teacher

I think having done the course I feel more positive in knowing that the way I already work with my students is the desired way to manage their behaviours anyway. I probably just feel more educated now and positive within myself.


I have undertaken data collection of three students that I have worked with and now have a greater understanding of this process and how you can use it to develop a management plan.

High school teacher

Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

The tutor led sessions provided lots of collaborative tasks that enabled me to utilise my knowledge learnt in this course. It was also a great opportunity to have discussions with colleagues around the topic/content

Primary school teacher

It has definitely improved the way I will approach students with ADHD, the way I would plan support and interventions. I am also better equipped to impart this knowledge to my colleagues and support them in the classroom or in planning lessons for such students

High school learning and support teacher

The course had truly valuable information about ADHD students and good working examples of strategies. The course was stimulating and engaging for all participants regardless of their previous experience. It was beneficial to me to have others in the course that had a range of experiences. I have already used many of the things I have learnt during this course and I will continue to develop ways of using my knowledge about ADHD.

School learning and support officer

Understanding Autism

I feel I have a greater understanding of the barriers neurodiverse students face to get through each and every day. I gained lots of ideas for how to adjust my classroom and lessons and how to support other staff in adjusting theirs. Gathering information from parents and plans is an area I can improve on.

High school teacher

I have done a few online courses, but this has been the most comprehensive.

School executive

I feel I am far better qualified in my understanding and my skills to perform my role as a relief teacher in the Autism classes of the support unit at my school. I am more confident of being able to plan and teacher lessons which will go towards meeting students’ needs.

Support teacher

Understanding Hearing Loss

Have found the checklists provided in the course materials extremely beneficial. These have also directed and improved my observations of students when assessing language for learning.

Support teacher

My understanding of hearing loss has significantly improved, providing me with knowledge and skills to support inclusive practise in the classroom. I now understand that no two children with hearing loss are the same therefore hearing loss can impact on not only hearing but on learning, communication and social skills. Being equipped with knowledge, intervention strategies and ongoing assessment is critical to me as a teacher.

High school teacher

This is my first time having done an online professional development and it has set the standard quite high for me. I loved the interactive exercises and videos throughout the course.

Primary teacher

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