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The Department of Education offers a range of free OnLine Training courses for all school based staff across NT Government, Catholic and Independent Schools.

These courses build the capacity of staff to provide for the diverse needs of all students across primary, middle and senior years.

Further information and registration:

For Government staff: email

For Catholic and Independent staff: email

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What courses are available?

The Online Training courses (OLT) are suitable for those who work in schools and specialist settings, such as teachers, learning and support teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders. The target age range is 4-18 years, although the course may also benefit education professionals in pre-school and kindergarten settings.

Departmental priorities supported by OLT include Framework for Inclusion Building Educator Capacity, Improving Inclusive Practice project and obligations under the NT Addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) 2018-2024 strategy.

Short courses

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What is the feedback?

Those who have completed the courses rate them very highly in terms of the impact of the courses on extending knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting students with special needs.

Dyslexia and Significant Difficulties in Reading

This course has made me more aware of considering factors that would help students with dyslexia engage with reading materials. I was unaware of the organisation of information being an aspect of dyslexia, so it has made me think about how clearly the informational structures within texts are presented. This will impact on my selections and recommendations. In my classroom side, it has made me more patient with students with dyslexia, and changed the way I interact with them.

Teacher-librarian, Independent Secondary school, Palmerston (AS)

The students have not been formally assessed, but from my notes all students are progressing in both reading and spelling. I am much happier and more confident and so are the students.

Teacher, remote school, Arnhem (JN)

Personalised Learning

It was great to listen to colleague’s suggestions and ideas. I enjoyed working with the tutor to unpack the content in more depth and access expert knowledge. I utilise this knowledge when planning and working with teachers to write classroom plans and support student learning. It was great to refresh my knowledge and also see up to date research, pedagogy and ideas for staying current and up to date.

Teaching and Learning officer, Targetted Approaches team, Darwin (KD)

Clear and explicit content and excellent resources - will build confidence and knowledge in staff working to support children with additional needs in their schools. The course confirmed what I know and clarified any areas I wasn't sure of so will be even more confident in supporting students, teachers and schools in this area of learning.

Senior Advisor, Student Wellbeing and Inclusion, Alice Springs (CA)

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

I have a much deeper and more empathetic appreciation of speech, language and communication needs. Rather than feeling frustrated when communication breaks down, I am interested in the reasons and processes involved. I recognise the signs and triggers and know how to respond.

Teacher, Primary school, Alice Springs (NH)

I felt a lot more engaged and more confident receiving help with anything I was unsure of. While the content was great online being able to get multiple examples along with stories and situations really helped especially with the SMART goals and intervention components. I also felt the face to face sessions did a better job at stressing why the topic is so important.

SESA, Middle school, Darwin (JD)

Students with Special Needs (SEN)

It was great to have videos that were filmed in the Northern Territory. Very rare to see contextualised, relevant examples let alone so many. Made the learning easier and more engaging.

Teacher, remote Secondary school, Katherine (HW)

It was great to meet other people working in the Special Education area of their school and bounce ideas of each other, ask questions and get an idea of how Special Education looks at different schools.

SET, Primary school. Katherine (KH)

Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

My hope is that all staff would participate in a wellbeing and mental health PD at the start of the school year. This would be a great way to show everyone what support and services are available for students in our area as well as services to support our own wellbeing.

SESA, rural Primary school, Palmerston (AG)

The information was well delivered and set out appropriately. Guidance and support was always provided. Resources were also provided to the school which can be accessed by staff to utilise in their lessons but also to access for their support for both staff and students.

Assistant Principal, Independent secondary school, Palmerston (SP)

Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

These sessions added extra information, examples and experiences, making the course come alive. Interacting with other teachers with similar challenges in class helped one realize one was not alone in tackling challenging student behaviour. Particular participants indicated their skills to spur one on to greater achievement in the days and weeks to come in the classroom. The tutor’s experience was invaluable to us as participants.

Teacher, Middle school, Darwin

The most valuable thing is the reminder to work with the positive replacement behaviour. To me the real value is doing the course as a staff together as we are working together to make a whole school approach to behaviour.

Teacher, rural Primary school, Palmerston (DK)

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