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Our professional learning courses are designed to support teaching and other educational professionals to better meet the additional needs of students with disabilities. Each course provides an understanding of a specific different disability, includes real life case studies, a range of practical assessment approaches and intervention strategies and adjustments to put into practice immediately. Their content is written, and updated regularly, by specialists and educational psychologists.

Our courses can be accessed through a licence held by an education system or association, or by an individual school.

We also offer places on our tutored courses for a fee to schools and individuals who are not covered by a license. These courses are organised in small groups of up to 12 participants, led by an experienced OLT tutor.

If you'd like to explore how OLT could meet your needs, please contact us.

Tutored courses

These tutored courses are developed in partnership with disability and inclusion specialists and leading institutions to reflect current evidence-based practice. They provide a secure knowledge of assessment techniques and a toolkit of interventions to personalise learning. Courses are facilitated by a trained tutor working with a small cohort of participants. The learning cohort meets with the tutor for activities, tutor presentations and discussions at several points during the course. Participants study the course individually online between tutor led sessions and connect through related forum activity.

Toy heart in the hands of a child

Attachment and Trauma Theory

Explore the impact of childhood trauma on relationships with parents / carers and students learning and progress in school to further your understanding of trauma informed practice.

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Man writing notes

Dyslexia and Significant Difficulties in Reading

Understand the concept of dyslexia; the challenges faced by these students and how teachers and schools can better support their learning needs.

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Bare feet on textured half balls

Dyspraxia and Motor Coordination Difficulties

Find out more about how dyspraxia and motor coordination difficulties can impact on both learning and social behaviour and how best to help.

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Teacher with a child

Personalised Learning

This course addresses the importance of personalising learning to meet the diverse needs of individual students, including those with disability and additional learning needs.

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Group of school kids lip-reading a teacher

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Understand how speech and language difficulties can impact learning and social inclusion for students and what teachers and schools can do.

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Young boy looking at a tablet

Students with Special Needs (SEN)

This introductory course aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills of teachers and support staff who work with students who have special needs.

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Group of teens with a laptop

Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

Explore concepts and strategies to support student mental health and wellbeing, including targeted supports for specific students.

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Frustrated boy with a teacher

Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

As well as a focus on improving student behaviour take the opportunity to reflect on how teachers and schools can develop a climate to support student behaviour.

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Frustrated child with a teacher

Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Recognise observable signs of ADHD and how to distinguish this from other difficulties. Learn how to adapt classroom practice to support students with ADHD.

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Sad boy looking out of window

Understanding Autism

Distinguish autism from other disabilities and find out how to provide teaching and learning adjustments to meet the needs of students with autism.

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Boy lip-reading his teacher

Understanding Hearing Loss

Understand the causes of hearing loss and identify best practice for supporting students with a hearing impairment.

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Boy with glasses writing

Vision Impairment

See the world through the eyes of students with vision impairment and identify best practice for supporting them.

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Short courses

Our short courses cover a number of important topics which have been identified by our licensees. They are untutored and standalone courses which licence holders can access at any time.

Teacher surrounded by children

Culturally Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Inclusive teaching practices to help students participate in a culturally diverse society.

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Comforting holding hands

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder

Information about the challenges and support available for families around the Australian FASD course.

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Very young girl with female teacher on an abacus

Learning Theory

An introduction to the Learning Theories in education and how learning takes place.

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Young boy holding hands with an adult

Opening the School Gate

Practical strategies to support teachers with engaging migrant and refugee families and creating a culturally inclusive school environment.

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Playful boy with cards

The Needs of Students with EAL/D

Increase your understanding of the key challenges facing students with English as an additional language (EALD).

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Concerned parents with their child and teacher

Working in Partnership with Parents

Understanding the needs issues, and requirements for support of the parents and carers of children with disability.

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Parent's courses

These short open courses are free to view. If you complete and wish to print a certificate of achievement there is a $50 fee if you are not part of an organisation with a license for our tutored courses.

School children playing

ADHD for Parents

This short course aims to support the parents and carers of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

5 hrs study time Find out more
Toddler with his mother playing with blocks

Autism for Parents

An introductory understanding of autism for parents and carers.

5 hrs study time Find out more
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