Improving learner outcomes

Educational Jurisdictions

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We've partnered with educational jurisdictions throughout Australia to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of their staff in supporting students with disabilities. Over 10,000 schools and 140,000 staff across Australia and the UK have benefited from the unique blended professional learning that we offer.

Strengthen schools’ capacity to deliver quality first teaching

Our evidence-based, blended courses will support you to:

  • deliver high quality professional learning across all schools
  • develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of staff in meeting the needs of all students
  • foster positive, can do, attitudes to education challenges, and therefore raise teachers and schools aspirations for students with disabilities and additional learning needs

In addition, our webinars support the ongoing professional development needs of schools and their staff.

Impact on confidence in overall abilities to meet the needs of students with disability

  • Very confident
  • Fairly confident
  • Somewhat confident
  • Not confident
Chart for pre-training
Chart for post-training

Source: OLT data 2021

This training has given us the tools and strategies to initiate greater collaboration and planning on a whole school level. The fact that all staff members have been afforded this professional learning opportunity, means better outcomes for our students. There is a greater awareness of our responsibility and we now have the resources to help us in providing effective personalized learning plans for our students.

Deputy Principle (2022)

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