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Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health
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About supporting student wellbeing and mental health

Mental health difficulties can affect learning and social interactions, both of which are critical to a student’s success. It is estimated that three students in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health issue.

Immensely added to my knowledge and understanding of the topic and provided me with an array of resources to share with school staff.

School Executive

Providing professional learning in disability and inclusion since 2008

I am more confident in working with others because of the knowledge gained in the course.

Special Education Teacher

Who is the course for?

Our Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health course is perfect for those who work in schools and specialist settings, such as teachers, learning and support teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders.

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Why join the course?

Participants’ pre and post-course evaluations demonstrate significantly increased confidence in identifying, assessing and supporting learners with mental health.

How do you rate your current level of knowledge and understanding of student wellbeing and mental health?

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Pre chart
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Post chart
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  • 51.4%
  • 48.1%

As of April 2021

This course looks at the potential impact that mental health difficulties can have on student outcomes and shows how to create mentally healthy schools where students can thrive.

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Thank you thank you thank you. I am excited by the possibilities this course offers in supporting students and schools to further enhance the understanding of mental health in young people.

School Executive

Course content

This course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of mental health difficulties, their potential impact on student outcomes, and provide a range of approaches to support wellbeing and mental health in schools.

  • explore the concepts of wellbeing and mental health, the main influences on these, and the impact on student outcomes. Learn about the main types of mental health disorder and their incidence, and the relationship between mental health and disability.
  • consider the possible uses of wellbeing surveys and questionnaires in schools, and learn the guidelines for administering them and evaluating the results.
  • understand the main elements of a supportive school ethos, including staff wellbeing. Explore a range of approaches to support wellbeing and mental health in your school, from whole-school to specific, and know when and where to seek further support.

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What you will learn

This course explores the kinds of issues that students may face, and looks at different perspectives, possible causes of mental stress and practical approaches that schools can adopt to better identify and support their needs.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • describe the main types of mental health disorders and their incidence, and the relationship between mental health and disability
  • measure student needs and evaluate the success of interventions through the use of wellbeing surveys
  • outline the national policy, curriculum resources and external agencies that support social and emotional learning
  • select from approaches that support wellbeing and mental health in school, including trauma informed practice, growth mindset, mindfulness, resilience and strength-based strategies
  • build supportive learning environments that offer a range of effective teaching strategies and adjustments to improve outcomes for all students

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