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Data update for OLT course enrolments across Australia

3rd Mar 2022

Enrolments and course completions for our tutored courses have continued to be very encouraging over the last six months. Despite the severe disruption to school systems around the country, there have been high levels of engagement with the OLT tutored blended courses.

At 1 March 2022:

  • course enrolment total for Australia 125,500+ and 82,300+ individual people have taken one or more courses
  • this is an increase of 5,500+ enrolments in the 6 months since 1 August 2021
  • total course passes- 101,700+
  • 23,800+ people are currently taking a course- this is higher than in the previous 6 months.

Well done to all of the hard working education system leads, the tutors and the course participants.

Trish Rymer, Education Consultant-  OLT Australia

3 March, 2022

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