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Melanie Porter's Global ADHD Research Now on YouTube

17th Apr 2024

Discover the latest findings from Melanie Porter's research, presented at the 2023 Global ADHD Australia conference. This ground breaking study, developed in partnership with OLT and leading institutions including ADHD Australia and Macquarie University is available to view now.

By delving into the effects of OLT training on teacher knowledge, confidence, and practices, the research underscores the critical role of evidence-based training in supporting students with ADHD effectively and champions the effective impact of OLT courses on classroom practice.

Originally broadcast in October 2023, Melanie's research presentation is now accessible on YouTube for those who missed the conference.

For an even deeper understanding of the research you can also download a copy of Melanie’s presentation here: ‘The impact of a teacher education course in ADHD on perceived teacher knowledge and confidence and improved teacher practices’

View the presentation here on YouTube

Old news

Revolutionise your learning with the new GAP Workbook!

12/01/2024 21:27:45

OLT is delighted to announce the highly anticipated launch of the new and improved Goal and Action Planning Workbook (GAP) from 15 January 2024. Designed to redefine and elevate the learning experience for both tutors and participants, GAP sets a new standard in personalised support:

Key features:

  1. Optional learner profile:
    • Forge a deeper connection to the learning journey with an optional learner profile that intricately links to SMART goals and Interventions. Personalisation has never been this profound.
  2. Guided support for goal setting and interventions planning:
    • Seamlessly set SMART goals and Interventions with guided support. You can now enhance the precision and effectiveness of goal-setting processes with GAP.
  3. Virtual assistant support:
    • Meet Madge, our virtual assistant! Receive valuable feedback on SMART goals and Interventions and allow Madge to suggest SMART goals for a more refined learning experience.
  4. Customisable tutor and admin settings:
    • Stay in control with customisable settings for tutors and administrators. Tailor the GAP Workbook to suit your unique teaching approach and administrative needs.

Ready for more?

Excited to explore further? The New Gap Workbook is now available across all OLT tutored courses starting 15 January, 2024.



Ready for a quick demo? Welcome to the new GAP workbook

24/11/2023 23:54:14

Get ready to take your goal setting to the next level with OLT's new and improved Goal and Action Planning Workbook (GAP).

Discover the future of goal setting

OLT are proud to announce the launch of the new GAP Workbook, a powerful upgrade to our current SMART goal setting tool. Designed to enhance your learning experience, this workbook will revolutionise the quality of goal and intervention statements for participants and offer additional support for our tutors and leads.

Available from 15 January 2024

Featuring fully customisable features and settings, the new GAP Workbook will be available on OLT tutored courses from 15th January 2024.

Watch our exclusive demo video

Curious about what the new GAP Workbook has in store for you? Watch our introductory demo video below and discover how this innovative tool can help you reinforce your learning even further.



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