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OLT courses in Australia- latest enrolment milestone!

7th Nov 2023

Dear OLT Leads, tutors and participants

I wanted to give you the latest data on the total enrolments in OLT courses here in Australia, since we first started offering courses here in 2009.

As at November 6, 2023, there have been almost 140,000 course enrolments (139,640) by 90,000 individuals, (many people have taken more than one course).

Tutors have supported over 15,000 learning cohorts (15,019 cohorts). 

A truly amazing achievement that demonstrates the commitment of educators to their own personal learning and the wonderful support that tutors and OLT Leads are providing in education systems around the country.

Well done everyone!

Best wishes

Trish Rymer

Education Consultant OLT - Australia 

Old news

An evaluation of the impact of OLT’s course in ADHD on teacher practice and student outcomes

06/11/2023 22:28:38

Missed out on this year's Global ADHD Conference? 

Don't worry! OLT is proud to bring you an exclusive presentation from one of the key 2023 Global ADHD conference speakers: Melanie Porter, Associate Professor at Macquarie University

Bridging the gap in professional development

In partnership with OLT and ADHD Australia, Melanie's presentation shines a light on the critical need for professional development in ADHD education. It also offers a preliminary evaluation of the impact of OLT’s ‘Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ course on professional teaching practice, knowledge and confidence. 

An evaluation that matters
You can read Melanie's research below now and explore how OLT's 'Understanding ADHD' course can transform your teaching approach and help improve learning outcomes for students with ADHD.

View Melanie's presentation now



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