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Your step-by-step guide to Madge: your new virtual assistant

3rd Aug 2023

Have you heard about our exciting new course feature?

Available from 6pm on 7 August, we're introducing Madge: the new friendly and knowledgeable virtual assistant from OLT. 

Here to lend a helping hand to tutors, leads and participants, we’ve created Madge to be as intuitive as possible,  but, should you require some more information, we’re sharing our simple help guides below, to explain everything you need to know about using this exciting new course feature.

Madge help guides 

Madge help guide – Participants

Madge help guide – Tutors

Madge help guide – Leads

Don’t forget, you can also access our help guides in our website help pages or in the Support Materials folder in your course!

To locate Madge in help pages:

Step 1: Click on the support tab on our website.

Step 2: Click on

Step 3: Select either participant, tutor, or lead.

Step 4: Scroll down to 7 and 8 under participant guides

We really hope you enjoy using Madge, launching from 6pm on 7 August on all tutored courses.

Should you have any more questions, then please let us know! 

The OLT Team

Old news

Coming soon from OLT: Madge your new virtual assistant.

18/07/2023 22:15:09

Say hello to Madge: your new virtual assistant! New for August 2023.

Here at OLT we’re always looking for ways to make our courses and service even better and after months of development, we’re excited to announce the launch of Madge: the new virtual assistant from OLT.

Designed to meet the needs of over 2500 users a week and launching soon in Australia, Madge will offer our participants an improved learning experience and help through a new ‘Ask Madge’ course chat function, forum support and even recap quizzes!

Nick Maloney, Director of Online Training explains: "Here at OLT personalised learning is a constant focus behind everything we do, and we’re excited to introduce Madge our new AI powered assistant to our community.

Alongside our world class tutors, Madge offers our colleagues and participants a more optimised learning experience that includes instant feedback, improved engagement and increased productivity.”

OLT course participants in Australia can look out for Madge on tutored OLT courses from 7 August 2023.

Visit our FAQ page and find out more

Curious about Madge? You can find out more about our new virtual assistant by visiting our dedicated FAQ page.

We'll also be sending out more updates in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space and your emails for more information coming soon!


The OLT Team



OLT National Meeting 2022

02/11/2022 18:28:14

We are pleased to confirm that our 12th National Meeting will take place on Tuesday the 8th of November in Melbourne. This is the first time we have been able to meet face to face since 2019 and we are very much looking forward to greeting our licence holders from across Australia.

While the majority of the 13 educational jurisdictions who have confirmed attendance will be with us in person, some will attend remotely with 34 delegates in total at the time of writing.

The meeting provides an opportunity for everyone to feedback on the successes and challenges they have faced in the last 12 months, and to contribute to forward planning and future development of the OLT courses and platform.



Transforming education with The Golden Teacher

19/07/2022 20:27:36

Originally launched by OLT, following advice from UNESCO in 2013, The Golden Teacher (GT) was developed as part of a commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Now established as a charitable incorporated organisation, independent of OLT, the GT seeks to transform education and reach as many teachers as possible in developing countries. This is part of a social commitment to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"(UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG4).

What is the Golden Teacher?

The Golden Teacher (GT) is a web resource for teachers that is designed to work on basic web-enabled feature phones and smart phones. The delivery platform was chosen, following advice from UNESCO, to make it accessible in developing countries.

Due to the limitations of feature phones and differences in national educational policies no curriculum content is included. Instead, the GT takes teachers through a step-by-step process of formative assessment that enables them to design, deliver and evaluate a learning experience for a student or students.

Since 2017 the Golden Teacher have attended and presented at several UNESCO events, with Ben Clench, the project leader, currently promoting and networking in UNESCO headquarters in Paris at the Transforming Education Pre-Summit in preparation for the main summit in September 2022.

Find out more and donate

Find out how you or your organisation can help to transform education for developing countries and help provide an inclusive education for all by visiting the GT website

Individuals and organisations can also play their part and donate online by visiting the Funding page.

You can also like and follow the work of the Golden Teacher on Facebook



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