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Welcome to all ARCOs commencing or renewing training in 2020.

23/01/2020 11:51:50 | New South Wales - Multicultural Education

Thank you for your committment to anti-racism education. Your role is pivotal to building harmoniouos and cohesive communities and providing safe and equitable environments for our school communities.

We hope you enjoy the training and sharing your ideas , experiences and skills with other ARCOs.



Welcome to Term 4 all ARCOs completing training or returning to the course to access resources.

20/11/2019 16:14:30 | New South Wales - Multicultural Education

The resources are there for you to use with colleagues and students to deepen undertsandings and help combat racism. If you have a good resource to share , let us know about it - or share through our Yammer.

I hope you enjoy the course and your ARCO role.



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