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Our professional learning courses are designed to support teaching and other educational professionals to respond to the additional learning needs of students. Each course provides an understanding of different additional needs, real life case studies, practical assessment ideas, and intervention strategies that can be put into practice immediately.

Our courses are competitively priced and can be accessed either through a licence held by an education system or association, or by an individual school. To see if your employer holds a licence currently, check the list on our homepage. If you’d like to explore how a licence could meet your needs, please contact us.

Course overview

Our courses are designed to be user-friendly and engaging, with quizzes, animations and touches of humour. Their content is written, and updated regularly, by SEN specialists and educational psychologists.

They’re outcome-focused – helping participants to gain an improved understanding of their students and support them to achieve improved outcomes.

Resources help to enhance participants’ learning further, and provide support as they develop their practice.

Forums give an opportunity to take part in discussions and share experiences and best practice with others.

Course structure

Although there is some variation, most courses have four sections:

  1. Understanding
    Learn about the special need specific to the course
  2. Assessment
    Learn to assess student needs and set SMART goals for a student you support
  3. Interventions
    Learn about evidence-based strategies and choose those that will help you achieve your goals
  4. Case studies
    View real life videos of interventions in practice

Course completion

To complete the course, participants need to meet the course requirements:

  • work through the whole of the course, including any activities and quizzes
  • write three SMART goals to achieve with a student(s)
  • choose interventions to make in order to achieve the goals set
  • make contributions to forums

When the course requirements have been met, a certificate of completion is issued.

To meet the learning & support needs of students with disability and additional learning needs (2:43)

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Free short eLearning courses

These four short courses are free to anyone. They don’t follow the same structure as our other courses, and they are not tutored.

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